MW (West) update sheet

Page 12, Para A

Line 10

Reports that Withybed Lane is overgrown and impassable. Possible alternative suggested by a walker is to bear right into a field by the start of Withybed Lane. Turn left along the left hand edge of the field.  Follow the hedge for about 30yds to locate the stile that should have given access from Withybed Lane. Use this as a marker to turn right and ‘go straight across the field…’ as per the existing line 13. (Due to rising ground and – at the date of my walk – a cereal crop, it’s not possible to see the gate in the far side from the point where you enter the field). 54399 29530

Page 13, Para C,

Lines 1 and 2

SP now reads 'Butt's Pieces' - not Somerton

Page 13, Para D,

Line 3

SP now reads 'Public Footpath' (no destination) - not Market Square

Page 14, Para C

Line 4

The water tank has apparently disappeared

Page 18

If the river is in flood, we have had reports from walkers the footpath may be closed. However, signs may not always be visible as the cows knock them over. If in doubt, use the road alongside the river.

Page 21, Para E,

Lines 4 - 5

There is now no hedge between the play area and sports pitch field.  Amend to ‘…with tennis courts. Continue along right hand edge of sports field.’

Page 21, Para F,

Line 1

Kissing gate now gone.

Page 24, Para B

Line 2

Phone box has disappeared

Page 26, Para A

Lines 8 - 9

Where there is a house visible through the trees, take the right fork at the Y junction.

Page 34, Para A,

Lines 9 - 14

….down left-hand edge of field. Turn right at bottom left-hand corner and after 30 yards

 turn left through gap and left again along track (Bardon Farm just visible along to right).

Go along this sunken trackway overhung with trees.  After about 350 yards veer right

ignoring remains of blocked-off trackway…..

Page 38, Para A

Line 14

SP replaced – now says Wootton Courtenay

Page 40, Para A,

Line 1

SP replaced – now says Tivington

Page 48, Para B,

Lines 6 - 9

large wooden gate.  Keep across the next field aiming for the bottom right hand corner of the field where there is a small enclosure made by gates. Go through the enclosure to go down the next field keeping to the immediate right of the fence line. (There is a yellow paint mark on one of the fence posts indicating that this is the line of the footpath).   At x-roads of fences……………..

NB: If the weather is bad, we have received a suggestion that it is preferable to stay on the road and in about half a kilometre, turn right onto track signed ‘Unsuitable for motor vehicles’ and follow until reaching main road. Turn right and fork right at Paltimore Arms and follow road to where it meets Macmillan Way West near Lower Hall.