MW update sheet 1

Guidebook Reference


Page 12, Para B

Line 2

‘After about 100 yards, turn right at sign “Witham Mouth 3kms” and shortly after, turn left following sea bank’. Do not go straight through new gate into nature reserve.

Page 14, Para B,

Line 9

The Ship Inn at Surfleet Seas End has been completely rebuilt and is no longer as described in the guidebook. However it does offer accommodation.

Page 16,  Para A,

Lines 13 & 14

At end of fields keep to right-hand edge of park

Page 16, Para A,

Lines 15 & 16

……then over two stiles, turn right and cross B3156 by bridge. Mermaid Inn --- (because footpath now diverted, behind new house to emerge onto B3156)

Page 17, Line 9 from top

Delete “Go slightly left into bushy area and down steps”

Page 17, Para D,

Lines 8-12

Spalding Tropical Forest now a water garden with no refreshments. Pinchbeck Wood, just beyond, is well worth visiting.

Page 18

Packing Shed Inn now closed. La Stella Ristorante now a private house. Stile just beyond has gone - now only a gap.

Page 18, Para B,

Line 2 etc

Despite much effort by ourselves, we have had repeated trouble ensuring that Lincolnshire County Council keeps the path clear between here and Guthrum Gowt. In view of this, be prepared (if absolutely necessary) to use the quiet public road which runs parallel to our path between here and Guthrum Gowt. We hope that this situation will show signs of improvement in future years.

Page 27, Para C,

Line 9

(Map ref: 972515) Good News! The path across the large quarry ahead has now been reinstated and a large footbridge takes the path across the quarry.

Page 36, Para A, Line 9

'Innisfree' is now called 'The Coppice'

Page 36, Para D,

Lines 8-9

'Over fence and then keep to its immediate left' - fence has now disappeared.

Page 40, Para A, Line 3

Leylandii hedge has now gone, so aim for right-hand side of houses.

Page 40, Para D,

Lines 1-11

Work on the new Desborough By-pass has now been completed some years ago and the amended route directions are: Pass bungalow on left, Hermitage Cottage on right and turn right onto surfaced bridleway just before reaching road. After 100 paces turn left to go over stile, go along surfaced path, cross A6 (with great care) via small traffic island to immediate right of large roundabout. Go up slight bank and through hunting gate into field. Go across field following fingerpost's direction, go down steep bank to stile. Cross next field to stile beside metal gates. Go across next field and along grassy path edged with electric webbing fence. Over stile and curve slightly to right heading into farmyard. Cross yard and go over stile to right of automatic gate into Park Lane. Now back on guidebook route - Para D. Line 11.

Page 42, Para A,

Lines 1-2

'Follow clear cut path......' should read 'Follow signed path round the edge of the coppice, keeping to right of the trees, to the far stile'.

Page 44, Para B,

Line 5 - end

All gates and stiles removed from here to Creaton. Text should now read ' Turn right and follow clear footpath along field edge, bearing left to walk beside young River Nene. Cross at obvious field bridge on right and turn left. Go along immediate right of hedge with stream just to its left. Through wide gap at next hedge line by a map showing the permissive paths network round Creaton. Bend slightly round to left near end of field'.

Page 46, Para D,

Line 8

Reports that the village shop in Little Brington has closed. It would be helpful if someone could confirm this – thanks.

Page 47, Para F (Line 8-9), Para G (Line 1)

Cross hedge has been removed. 'Over stile. Aim well to right of woodland with small cabin, towards a group of three trees. Pass between two narrow pools.....'

Page 48, Para A

Shopping Desert Ahead ! We suggest you shop in Flore - the next shop used to be Farthingstone (page 50, para A, line 4) but as this has now closed, the next shop is now at Long Compton - some 37 miles ahead! Post Office also closed at Church Stowe (page 49, para D, line 9)

Page 49, Para F,

Line 1-2

All trace of wall line now gone. Follow clear path diagonally down to left hand end of narrow conifer plantation.

Page 50, Para B,

Lines 1 - 6

'Soon after tel. pole.....two large oak trees'. Replace with 'Soon, after telegraph pole on right, turn half-right off the road in direction given by metal 'Footpath' finger post and follow path diagonally across field toward two ash trees in opposite corner. Go through large gap in hedge in corner of field into next field. Head across field passing between two oak trees towards small gap in hedge ahead. Through this gap turn half right to diagonally cross field towards corner to left of three large oak trees'.

Page 51, Para H,Line 18

English Rose Inn now derelict and closed

Page 53, Para F, Line 7

Derelict cottages now restored

Page 53, Para J,

Lines 2 - 6

It may be difficult to walk along the left-hand edge of the field beyond Highfield Farm's cowshed, but try to negotiate around any possible piles of manure and at end of field go through gap on left, as per the guidebook.  Now turn right to go along field and at its far right-hand end, keep down hill to right of wood, as per the original directions. If the path beyond the cowshed is impassable, go left (SSW) down road for about 400 yards and then go sharp right over stile on right and head diagonally (northwards) across field on right-of-way to join guidebook path to immediate right of wood. Do not be put off, as the road alternative northwards through Appletree hamlet is very long. Reports welcome!