MW update sheet 2

Page 54, Para C, Line 3

House name Latham may have gone.

Page 55, top of page

The Butchers Arms is now entitled The Inn at Farnborough.

Page 57, Para F,

last line

…… for almost half-a-mile, but where woodland widens, bear left by small waymark post.

Page 61, Para F,

Line 8

At first (partial) hedge gap on left of wood. Turn right into wood for an instant only and immediately turn left to leave wood again. From here continue to walk outside wood for over half a mile until reaching tall hedge to left of track (as indicated in guidebook).

Page 62, Para B, Line 2

‘Daddy’s Bank’ has now be renamed as ‘Buckstone Bank’

Page 74, Para C

Bear Inn now closed

Page 75, Para E,

Lines 8 and 9

Telephone kiosk has now been removed

Page 78, Para C,

Line 6

        ……feeding spring. From pond, follow flat grass path south-west around hillside, the  aim between two power poles. Lovely 17th-century…….

Page 80, Para E,

Lines 1 & 2

.       ……turn right through gap (now on permissive path)……….


Page 83, Para D,

Line 1

Back on main route just beyond the Tetbury Diversion. Go up over a short length of open field before joining a fence and bushes on right, and then on up to the gate which is not visible at the start of the ascent.

Page 85, Para G

Line 25

Problems have been reported that as walkers emerge from wooded area, diversion signs direct path left up steep bank. Additionally, a digger has now made craters possibly blocking the route – issue has been taken up with relevant authority but awaiting a response. (Reported that this has now been resolved – please let us know)

Page 86, Para B,

Lines 2 & 3

Path beyond gap was reported as well-nigh overgrown in June 05. Hopefully it will have now been cleared. Reports please!

Page 86,

Paras C, D and E

The route here has always been difficult to describe and could be difficult to follow. Go very carefully, referring to the amendments below, and keep in mind (eventually) that, if you do go astray, the tower of Littleton Drew church could provide a useful recovery marker, unless it is concealed by foliage.

Page 86, Para C, Line 1

You may find that cleared path is a little way to right of gap.

Page 86, Para D, Line 2

If oaks not visible, aim for railway arch in embankment.

Page 86, Para E, Line 9

Stile has gone - now only a gap.

Pages 86 & 87, Para E, Lines 15 &16

Through gateway and go diagonally across large field.


Page 91, Para F, Line 1

Jacob Baylay’s Ale House is now called The Bear

Page 92, Para A, Line 5

Boggy track is now carried on boardwalk of sleepers

Page 92, Para D

Line 4

Golf course has expanded. ‘Bend round to right on track which has hedges on both sides. Gate across track marked Bridleway Only. Go through and continue along track as it now ascends slightly. Ignore two cross tracks leading into golf course and continue to junction of tracks with bridleway coming in from left. Now bear right to pass converted farm buildings and Cumberwell Farm’. Then as guidebook.

Page 94, Para D,

Lines 8 – 12

……Over stile by metal gate, then bear left to far bottom corner of field by stream bank. Go over stile, cross stream and bear left. Advised that trout farm has gone……

Page 95, Para F,

Line 8

Landowner has complained of walkers going wrong here. Just to be clear, do not go through the gateway. Turn left, keep hedge on right, continue to next gateway and turn right heading towards hornbeam hedge.

Page 100, Para E, Line 4

We have omitted two lines of text here. The guidebook should read: Turn left through gateway in far left-hand corner of field and immediately turn right to follow, as close as possible, the right-hand hedge (partially obscured by bushes). Over double stile in far right-hand corner of field and bear left to corner of next field. Alfred's Tower…..(the previously omitted section is underlined)

Page 118, Para A,

Lines 4-7

Delete from beyond first word on line 4 …….corner. and substitute ….. Bear slightly left and walk to far end of field, keeping close to hedge on your right.  Now back to text on line 7 – Go through gate in field corner…….

Page 120, Para D,

Line 6 & 7

When reaching corner of field pass through two gates (SP - Compton Valence).


Page 121, Para F,

Lines 4 - 6

Go through metal gate at end of field and turn left to go down minor road which follows course of possible Roman road.  After about 50 yards, turn right off road, through left-hand metal gate.

Page 121, Para G,

Line 3

Substitute eastwards for westwards


Page 122, Para B, Line 6

Bear round to right…..delete ‘ through gate’…..

Page 122, Para C/D

Be prepared for slight route changes here including extra stiles before wood.

‘Bear left at venerable sycamore tree and continue up well defined track’.

Page 123, Para G,

Line 8

this should read: ……from left to right


Page 124, Para B, Line 2

…….open field. Pass stone seat on left until reaching stone sign………